City of Brownsville

City of Brownsville

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Closed Solicitations

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Purchase Delivery and Installation of Backflow Preventors BPE-20-0113 01/14/2013
Quotes for Term Contract for Floor Mat Services 2013-0007 01/14/2013
Bids for the New Freedom BUS Stop Sidewalk Improvement Project NFB-22-0113 01/11/2013
Term Contract for Uniforms for Brownsville Fire Department FDU-19-0113 01/09/2013
Proposals for Broad Band Commercial Internet Services BBI-14-0113 01/07/2013
Sale of Real Propoerty at Billy Mitchell and Central Avenue SEB-77-0912 12/04/2012
Municipal Fleet Management and Maintenance Services MMS-02-1013 11/29/2012
Architectural and Engineering Design for Two Community Shelters AED-10-1213 11/27/2012
Qualification for Appraisal Services QAS-11-1213 11/27/2012
Purchase and Delivery of Concrete Materials PDC-08-1113 11/26/2012
Term Contract for the Purchase of Asphalt Materials PDA-7-1113 11/08/2012
Purchase and Delivery of Electrical Controls and Communications ECE-6-1113 10/30/2012
Term Contract for the Purchase and Delivery of Bunker Gear FBG-74-0912 10/17/2012
Qualifications for Geotechnical and Construction Material Testing QGC-1-1013 10/10/2012
Purchase & Delivery of Building Supplies BSG-69-0912 10/10/2012
Purchase and Delivery of Emergency Medical Supplies FMS-75-0912 10/03/2012
Term Contract for the Purchase and Delivery of Uniforms PDU-70-0912 09/25/2012
Qualifications for Planning and Design Firm for Hike and Bike HBT-66-0911 09/11/2012
Term Contract for Aluminum Sign Blanks ASB-62-0912 09/11/2012
Statement of Qualifications for Archiectural Services ASB-60-0912 09/06/2012
Term Contract to Furnish Print Materials BPP-58-0912 09/05/2012
Qualifications for Landscape Design & Irrigation Design Services LIS-61-0912 09/05/2012
Qualifications to Perform City's Financial and Compliance Audits QAS-65-0912 09/05/2012
Term Contract for Pest Control PCS-54-0812 08/29/2012
Purchase and Delivery of Vehicles for City of Brownsville PVC-55-0812 08/27/2012

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