City of Brownsville

City of Brownsville

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Closed Solicitations

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Purchase and Delivery of Vehicles for the City of Brownsville VPD-57-0813 08/09/2013
Installation of Sidewalks at Cela Avenue SCS-58-0813 07/31/2013
Leasing of hanger # 6 at the Brownsville International Airport LHB-56-0713 07/25/2013
Term Contract for Armed and Unarmed security services SSC-53-0813 07/19/2013
Activation Program Promoting Multi-modal Transportation HBC-48-0813 06/28/2013
Term Contract for Temporary Employee Services TES-49-0813 06/28/2013
Criterion Validation Study to Define Job Related Fitness Standards PFE-47-0713 06/11/2013
Street Paving and Drinage for Tulipan Street TSD-44-0613 05/16/2013
Purchase and Delivery of ULV Vector Control Equipment ULV-45-0513 05/10/2013
Contract to provide Compensation & Classification Study Services CCS-38-0413 05/08/2013
Invitation for Bids for the lease of Hanger # 6 LSA-46-0613 05/07/2013
Term Contract for Employee Assistance Program 2013-0012 04/30/2013
Firm to Assist with the 2013-2023 Land Use Assumption Update LUA-40-0513 04/24/2013
Bid for New Freedome Sidewalk and Bus Stop Improvement Project NFB-41-0513 04/22/2013
Purchase of Electrical Control & Communications Equipment ECE-34-0413 04/19/2013
Scale Relocation at City of Brownsville's Landfill 2013-0014 04/19/2013
Architectural & Engineering design service for safety shelters DPL-36-0413 04/17/2013
Bids for Improvements at Portway Acres Park PAP-30-0313 04/05/2013
Quote for Installation of Curb and Gutter 2013-0013 03/25/2013
Brownsville Fire Department Paramedic Courses PEF-27-0213 03/20/2013
Pavement Conditioning Survey and Pavement Rating Management System PCS-28-0313 03/13/2013
Proposals for Professional Development Services CRS-05-1113 02/27/2013
Water Management contract forPools 2013-0011 02/27/2013
Engineering and Surveying Services for transit related projects BUS-26-0213 02/15/2013
Roof Rehabilitation for Commemorative Air Force Building CAF-18-0113 02/15/2013

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