City of Brownsville

City of Brownsville

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Closed Solicitations

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Quotes for exterior painting of Wood Windows at El Tapiz Bldg. 2014-0016 03/18/2014
Term contract for Real Estate Services RES-33-0314 03/12/2014
Asbestos Abatement at the Youth Homeless Resource Center AYY-31-0314 03/07/2014
Bids for the Purchase and Delivery of Vehicles TSV-30-0414 03/04/2014
Purchase and Delivery of Rifle for Brownsville Police Department MRP-28-0314 03/04/2014
Proposals for HUD HOME Administrative Services HAS-24-0314 02/28/2014
Quotes for a Term contract for Pool Chemicals 2014-0011 02/10/2014
Term contract for Geotechnical and Construction Material Testing QGC-19-0214 02/04/2014
Term Contract for Engineering, surveying and Other Misc. Services QES-18-0214 02/04/2014
Fence installation at morningside park IFM-20-0214 02/04/2014
Restoration & Renovation of 1109 Market Square St., San Fernando B 2014-0010 02/03/2014
Construction Manager at Risk for Construction of two domes DCM-12-0114 01/29/2014
Invitation for Bids for Improvements at Cueto Parking Lot CPP-17-0214 01/22/2014
Roof Rehabilitation at El Tapiz Building RRT-11-0114 12/20/2013
Jail Plumbing Upgrades for the Brownsville Police Department JPU-06-1214 12/20/2013
Request for Proposals for a Retail Market Study RMS-13-0114 12/13/2013
Proposals to Conduct a Public Transit Market Research Study MRS-09-1214 11/19/2013
Lease of Vehicles for the City of Brownsville LPD-07-1214 11/15/2013
Term Contract for Thermoplastic paint and Glass Beads TPP-08-1214 11/15/2013
Bid for the Purchase and Delivery of Police Patrol Vehicles PPV-05-1214 11/05/2013
Demolition of Condemned and Dilapidated Homes DCH-63-0913 10/18/2013
Street Paving and Drainage Improvements for Western Blvd WBD-70-0913 09/20/2013
Purchase and Delivery of a Portable Asphalt Recycler PDR-65-0913 09/04/2013
Taxiway Bravo and General Aviation Ramp Improvements ATB-64-0913 09/04/2013
Washington Park Landscaoe and Irrigation Improvements WPU-59-0913 08/15/2013

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