City of Brownsville

City of Brownsville

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Closed Solicitations

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Quotes for Restroom Improvements at Montebella Park 2014-0025 07/28/2014
Proposals to perform DOT & NON-DOT and employment physicals LAB-64-0914 07/25/2014
Term Contract for the Purchase and Delivery of Motor Fuels BFF-61-0814 07/22/2014
Bid for CAF HVAC Repair for the Brownsville Airport ACA-66-0914 07/21/2014
Invitation for Street Paving and Drainage for Woodhollow Drive SDW-58-0814 07/17/2014
Invitation for Bid El Tapiz Exterior painting and repair services TEP-59-0814 07/16/2014
Proposals for Branding and Marketing Services CBM-53-0714 06/25/2014
Proposals for a Parks Master Plan for the City of Brownsville PMP-45-0714 06/17/2014
Bid for HVAC Reapairs at Brownsville/ SPI International Airport HVA-52-0614 06/06/2014
Bid for Central Fire Station Window Rehab project CFW-51-0614 06/06/2014
Quotes for demolition of 3 condemned structures 2014-0023 06/06/2014
Quotes for CAF Roof repairs 2014-0021 05/30/2014
Request for Proposals for Transit Management Services for B-Metro TMS-46-0614 05/21/2014
Loading dock Bridge improvements at the Brownsville Airport LBI-41-0414 05/21/2014
Term contract for safety boots and shoes SBS-43-0514 05/09/2014
Term contract for leachate pump miantenance and repairs 2014-0015 05/09/2014
Chiller and BAS Replacement CHA-47-0614 05/07/2014
Proposals for HOME Administrative Services HMS-48-0614 05/06/2014
Bids for CAF Roof Repairs at the Brownsville/ SPI Airport RRA-42-0414 04/25/2014
Term Contract for Branding and Marketing Services BMS-40-0414 04/23/2014
Term contract for Vacant Lot Mowing Services VLM-34-0414 04/11/2014
Central Fire Station Window Rehabilitation Project CFR-26-0314 03/28/2014
Street Paving and Drainage for Navarra & Toledo Street NTS-27-0314 03/27/2014
Purchase and Delivery of a Road Patcher PPP-36-0414 03/21/2014
Quotes for Restoration and Renovation of Gutierrez Building 2014-0006 03/21/2014

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