City of Brownsville

City of Brownsville

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Closed Solicitations

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Bid for Traffic Signal Improvements at Galveston Road TSG-48-0615 05/26/2015
Bids for Oliveira Park Roof Rehabilitation ORR-46-0615 05/26/2015
Invitation for Bid Sidewalk Improvements At Galveston Road GRS-47-0615 05/26/2015
Bid for Purchase and Delivery of Vehicles PVV-49-0615 05/19/2015
Traffic Signal Improvements at Hackberry and Old Port Isabel Road TSH-42-0515 05/13/2015
Engineering and Design Firm to assist with Active Transportation ATP-38-0515 05/12/2015
Cold Mix Asphalt CMP-31-0415 05/01/2015
Purchase and Delivery of Reflective sheeting for Traffic Signs PRS-36-0415 04/23/2015
Bid for Central Fire Station Window Rehabilitation project FSW-35-0415 04/14/2015
Purchase, delivery and Maintenance of Rugged Body Cameras RBW-28-0515 04/10/2015
Market Square Revitilization, Drainage, Pavement and Landscape MSR-15-0315 04/10/2015
Bid for Parking Lot Improvements at Cueto Building CPL-87-0914 04/09/2015
Request for Proposals - Uniforms PKU-27-0415 04/08/2015
Proposals for Restoration and Rehabilitation of Stegman Building RSB-24-0415 04/02/2015
Bids for Barnard Duck Pond Park Improvements DPI-85-0914 04/01/2015
Invitation for Bids - Purchase & Hauling for Construction Matl. HDS-11-1215 03/13/2015
Term contract for the purchase and delivery of reflective sheeting PRS-20-0315 02/24/2015
Purchase and delivery of police patrol vehicles PDV-21-0215 02/24/2015
Invitation for Bids - Safety Supplies PSS-17-0315 02/06/2015
Proposals for a Term Contract for Overnight Youth Homeless Shelter OYM-16-0315 01/29/2015
Invitation for Bids - Warehouse Roof Rehabilitation Bid # PWR-18-0315 01/28/2015
Construction of two safety shelter monolithic domes CSS-03-1215 01/27/2015
Bid for Construction of a Dual Customs Cargo Facility DCH-12-0215 01/09/2015
Lease of an Aircraft Fire Rescue Truck ARF-10-1215 01/09/2015
Quote for Term Contract - Golf Cart Maintenance 2015-0007 01/08/2015

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